Monday, November 23, 2009

Back in Garrison

Oh its good to be back in garrison! We started off with PT this morning as usual but the remedial PTers are retaking the PT test tomorrow so they only stretched. The rest did platoon PT. We then had lectures for the rest of the day in the platoon classroom. Nothing overly interesting, mainly going over medical profiles, and PROFIS which is the army program that allows medical personell to augment units on their deployments.
However, I ended up going to sick call this morning. Let me say this, unless you are dying do NOT go to sick call and unless you are literally on deaths door never try to go on a Monday morning! I waited over 2 hours just to have my vitals taken and it was almost 3 hours before I was seen by a provider. I wasn't dying of illness so I was originally just going to make a normal appointment. However, my PSG said you couldn't do that and I had to go to sick call. Well, you can makes appointments and I highly recommend it!
It was nice to eat in the DFAC again, and to have the evening free to myself. Not much else went on today, the weather is still pretty nice it was sunny and in the 70s today. I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!

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