Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last week of OBLC!

So our last week of OBLC is actually just more painful powerpoints. We did have an entire day devoted to CBRNE learning which we then had to test out on. They gave us all the information on a CD so we could bring our laptops and have an open notes test. We also had our regular final today. Again they gave us a study guide telling us exactly what we needed to know and they gave us probably about 15 answers of the 50 questions. We turned in our MOPP gear that we never actually wore along with our textbooks and compass. Tomorrow we are turning in the rest of our TA-50 to CIF.
I also had my Academic Evaluation Report which was pretty silly. I met all standards and received a pass for the course. Monday is our graduation and OBLC will be over. Of course I still have the 2 week nurse track left though.
We recieved the schedule for Nurse Track and it appears pretty intense. PT everyday and lots more lectures and the weekend long Trauma Nursing Core Course.
We were supposed to have an inspection of our Dress Blues but our platoon is full of slackers and we somehow got out of it.

What I learned:
-Texas gets cold!! It is 38 degrees today and it might snow tomorrow!! :(
-It is very easy to escape from the company level lectures. There is no accountability once they begin
-The Finance office is very very painful to deal with. I am still working on getting all of my pay and it is week 7!
-Transportation is wonderful. If you are getting your goods shipped all you have to do is attend a 45 minute briefing and then you sit with a counselor who helps you fill out all the paperwork and schedule the pickup and drop off. I was able to designate my parents as people who can release my goods and the movers will pick up my stuff on Dec 16th so it will already be in Maryland by the time I get there.
-By week 7 the DFAC food is getting very old. But its free so you are guilt tripped into eating there

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