Friday, December 18, 2009

OBLC is finished!!!!!!!

Wow! Nine weeks have gone by and I out-processed this morning!

To back track just a little: on Tuesday we had another full day of powerpoints. I can't remember all of them but one was about the future of flight nursing. Currently the Army only has flight medics and they are looking to put nurses back on board soon. Another was about the ISR at BAMC. Its the Institute of Surgical Research but more commonly known as the burn unit. Lots of gross burn pictures and some interesting new research ideas.
I also got to do my VTC, video-tele-conference, with Walter Reed. The 12 of us that are going to Walter Reed got to speak with all of the Colonels of the units at the hospital. They answered questions, told us about in processing and told us our offical units. I am going to be on Ward 71 which is Oncology. I'm pretty happy and it was my 2nd choice!

Wednesday we had an admin day all to ourselves. I was able to relax and get some packing done since I did not have any admin things to take care of.

Thursday was our day in the field. We got on the busses at 0700 and arrived at Ft. Bullis around 0800. First we had 3 hours of extremely boring classes about how to build a CSH (combat support hospital) I can't tell you much about how to build it since I didn't really listen. We then got pizza for lunch since we were the first class to have a 100% first time pass rate on TNCC!!! After lunch we had the mass casulty exercise. This was actually alot of fun. Each platoon had a different role, mine was in the ICU. 5th platoon acted as the patients and 6th platoon were the moulage artists. They used lots of fake blood and fake eyes and protruding organs. The mass cal lasted 2 hours and was pretty exhausting. We got back a little before 1700 and I went out for my final night here in San Antonio!

This morning we showed up for outprocessing at 0720 and all it consisted of was standing in line and being handed your folder. You had to make sure your leave form and all your certificates were in it and you were done. very anti-climatic.

I am not leaving until the morning since I have my long drive back east but I am reporting into Walter Reed on Monday and so the next phase of my Army Adventure will begin!!!!!

I do hope this blog was helpful, I had fun writing it! Honestly OBLC was waaay better than I expected and I had some great times out here in Texas :)


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  2. Thank you so much for your blog! You've included so much valuable information. I'll be heading to OBLC this 29 Mar. Did ROTC and graduated & commissioned in May 09 but just patiently waiting to start my army career. Glad you had a good time and got what you wanted! Hope you're having a great time in Walter Reed! Thanks again!