Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm TNCC certified!

Yesterday (Sunday morning) we test out. It was a 50 question multiple choice exam and I got a 94 :) It was pretty straight forward. Basically if you reviewed at all and listened in class you were more than fine. We were actually the first class to receive a 100% pass rate on the first try!

We were finished around 1030 and got the rest of the day free so I went on an adventure! I drove to Fredericksburg, TX. It was about an hour and half away and it actually makes a triangle with Austin and San Antonio. It was cute little town with an awesome main street. It had little shops with antique stores and homemade goods. We ate dinner at a great German restaurant and got homemade ice cream for dessert. Definitely recommend the drive out there.

This morning we had a brief by the 66H career manager and human resources. It was actually very informational. I then battled finance for quite some time and hopefully my pay is finally figured out. 3 days and a wake up before we are done!!!

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