Saturday, December 12, 2009

Continuing TNCC and video teleconfrence with Major General Horoho

Yesterday morning we continued with four more hours of TNCC powerpoints. We finally got into a warm classroom but it was in the CGs suite so NO food or drink, not even water! I'm not sure which was worse, freezing or lacking all the important water and coffee. The powerpoints continued with each pof the major systems and special populations such as pregnancy, elderly and children.

After a quick lunch we came back to have a video teleconference with Major General Horoho, who is the Chief of the Nurse Corps. She spoke to us for about 30 minutes talking about the future of the nurse corps and the change to standerdized care in all MTFs (Medical Treatment Facitlities) basically all of the hospitals give excellent care but she wants all of the protocols to be the same in each hospital. We then were able to ask questions. It was really quite neat and I enjoyed it. She is a very good speaker.

This morning (saturday!) we got to spend all day doing the hands on portion of TNCC. We broke down into groups of 5 and went through 4 stations and at the end we had to test out. Basically it wa bing able to go through the ABCs of trauma and using primary and secondary assessments. I don't think anyone had a problem testing bu the end of the day. The instructors were great and you had plenty of time to ask questions and practice. Tomorrow morning we get to take the written test of TNCC and be done with it!!

I can't believe I have less than a week left. This really has gone by fast.

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