Sunday, November 1, 2009

What-Training on Halloween!?!?

Unfortunatly my roomate and current squad leader got very ill Friday night and was unable to attend training on Saturday so as the A team leader I became the squad leader for the day. After a quick glance over of the Op Order I got outside in time for the PCC/PCI we held at 0745 for all of our field gear. Thankfully this went pretty smoothly and most of my squad had everything.

We then had time for some chow before the next hard time. We had to be at the auditorium for a lecture at 0945. It was a very boring lecture yet again that went from 10-12. It was the battlemind presentation and talked about the importance of keeping a good mind when deployed and seeing awful things. At the end of it the speaker told us for the 5th time what to expect out in the field.

Quick lunch before we had to go draw our MOPP gear for CBRNE (gas chamber) which we are doing the second week in the field. Rather tedious process but we got everyone straight. We were then supposed to have the integration of the reservists and the guard that are joining us for the 3 weeks in the field. Thankfully our company CO really wanted to get a football game so it lasted all of 2min. Apparently there was supposed to be some BOLC III students and even West Pointers but I don't think my platoon got any of them. From the brief time I saw them it didn't look like my platoon got any cool people.

I then went to the PX for some last minute things and went to mass at the main post chapel, which is rather nice actually. And then I had coerced into going out for Halloween. I didn't dress up but we went to a bar pretty far away and had an eventful night none the less.

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