Saturday, October 31, 2009


Friday was a long day. We started with PT formation at 0515. Turns out that I did get to skip PT but I still had to be up and in formation at 0515 so its not like I got to sleep in :/
Our first class wasn't until 0900 so we had plenty of time to get ready and have some chow. We had a couple boring platoon lectures and some good student presentations in the morning (i still haven't gone and therefore won't go until we come back from the field).

After chow we had our midterm. It was 50 questions with multiple choice/matching/true false. You had to get 70% so you needed a 35/50. No one in the class failed. Basically if you looked at the study guide you were fine. I got a couple of the matching mixed up. We then had about a 2 hour break before the whole company had 2 briefs in the big auditorium. The first was pretty good but of course I was so tired I did dose off a little. It was about the difference between civilian trauma medicine and military trauma medicine. He talked a lot about the use of tourniquets and reliving tension pneumothoraxes in the field. The second brief was about the FTX. Basic hygiene, things we can't bring with us and the way the FOB is set up. The lectures finally ended at 1800.

Our platoon however had our platoon social last night. We just had a cookout at the hotel. It was pretty good we all pitched in and got hotdogs, hamburgers, beans, chips and soda. Many people brought their own beer. It was kina chilly but we had a good turnout and some people from other platoons mooched off of us. We also changed leadership (it changes every Friday) My roomie is our new squad leader and she made me A team leader so it looks like I will actually have to do something this upcoming week :)

What I learned:
-They take the Friday night saftey breifs really seriously, this week's lasted 30 minutes!
-They put things on the field packing list that they do not issue. Therefore its not actually required.
-If you have cat eyes from camp for your kevlar bring them, it is not issued

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