Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sat: AMEDD musuem tour

unfortunately we did not get the entire weekend free. We all had to do a guided tour of the AMEDD museum today. Platoons 1 and 2 went at 1000, 3 and 4 at 1200 and 5 and 6 at 1400. The platoons are broken down alphabetically so I am in 2nd Platoon 1 st squad. AMEDD or Army Medical Department has its home here at Ft. Sam. The museum tour took 2 hours and was pretty interesting. It went through the entire history of military medicine from the civil war to present. Interesting facts include the nurse corps was founded in 1901 males were allowed to join our ranks in the 1950s. 16 Army nurses were POWs in the vietnam war and all 16 survived. The only medal of honor in the medical corps was given to a dentist during WWII. It is an interesting story if you want to read it.

And now we have the rest of the weekend off. oh and just to clarify I do not get a free flight for Thanksgiving I merely get the time off without having to take leave.

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