Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Due to the somewhat surprisingly high interest regarding the nine weeks I will be spending here at the Officer Basic Leader's Course in San Antonio, TX I have decided to blog about it. This appears to be a fairly simple method of documenting my time here and useful in sharing with others. This will be geared more towards the informative side for those that will be attending at a later date. Hopefully I will be able to update frequently the first few weeks and then when we go to the field I will update on the weekends.

I began this adventure 8 days ago when I got the phone call asking if I would like to attend with the catch being the class started in one week and was out in TX. I jumped at the chance especially when I found out I would be able to have Walter Reed as my follow on duty station. And so began the massive scramble to get everything ready. I am fairly certain that I made the right decision to come now. We shall see.

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