Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm not a fan of Mondays

It was a very long and busy Monday. Nothing terrible, just tedious.

We had first formation at 0700 so we got up early to eat chow and get in formation. Our TAC kept telling everyone to walk saying it was just a 10minute jaunt. I don't think he ever did it because it took 22 minutes and we were not strolling. It is partly because there is so much construction on this post.
Our first breif of the day was from the SARC, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. She emphaize once again all that the Army is doing to prevent these crimes and to help those who are victims.
We then broke down in our platoons to have our first real classroom learning. Each platoon gets a class Advisor who is a Captain and a professor in AMEDD. We learned all about FOBs. Their security, and media on the battlefield. If you went to camp in 2009 this was way too familiar. We found out that each of us will have to give a ten minute presentation on either a pre selected topic or one of your own. I chose "The history of the Army Dining In". Again a lot of grumbling on that point, I guess most people don't realize just how much the Army loves powerpoint and presentations. We also got our textbooks. Five soft cover books to include one HW book that has all the slides and assignments in it.
After a quick break for chow we had a briefing by the COL of AMEDD school. Yet again he emphasized the importance of no fraternization (they must have had some serious problems in the past) and how much he expected of us.
The last brief of the day was a lengthy explanation and demonstration of the PT test events. Of course it put everyone on edge and we all left very stressed. I am very curious how it will go and how hard the graders will be. The said that typically in the past 50% of the class fails!!! Direct commissionees have 180 days to pass but obviously the goal is to pass here. The re take date is Dec 2nd.

What I learned:

-The black knit cap is no longer authorized. I had to run to clothing and sales this evening to get the green felt one. oh and clothing and sales closes at 1900.
-If you platoon has stragglers you will be required to have a formation before every meal and at the end of the day. Very annoying!
-It is almost impossible to survive with just one Ethernet cable in the room. I think I am breaking down and buying a modem tomorrow.
-Only water is authorized in the classrooms but there is a starbucks in the basement of the school building you can go to on breaks.
-As annoying as the false motivation was at camp I would take it compared to all of the complaining I hear here. We are not a motivated class and cadre don't seem to care about that.

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