Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PT test!!!

So first....I PASSED!!!!!!!!!! wahoo, soo glad that it is behind me :)

Of course the morning started with alot of anxious people. The pushups and situps went pretty smoothly with two lanes of 8 graders each. To be honest my last PT test was at LDAC which was the strictest one I have ever taken and this one paled in comparison. I saw graders counting push-ups on people that weren't going down far enough and not extending enough. Personally I got complimented on my form and then when my back started to sag he wouldn't count them. It was the same grader that counted bad ones on the person before but all well. It was all done on the grass and with my situps I do the technique where I throw myself back and pop-up. Needless to say I have a couple very ugly bruises on the bottom of my shoulder blades but he counted all my situps so I'm not complaining. We did the run on a 1/2 mile track so it was four laps around. It was still pitch dark and we had over 100 people on the track. We also had people on permanent profile that did the walk. We did the staggered start and you yelled out a call sign to your grader each time you passed. Thankfully once you were all done you could leave.
Only half of our class went today but there was a large number of failures I don't think quite 50% but it was up there.

A hot shower and a great breakfast later we started platoon classes for the day. We started with "Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority of Officers, NCOs, and Warrant Officers" Quite dull. Then Operational Terms and graphics. And at this point I was struggling so bad to stay awake I got some coffee on our next brake and the last lecture was Troop Leading Procedures. I am beginning to think they are squishing 4 years of ROTC in 7 weeks.

After a quick lunch the whole class met in the auditorium for a 4! hour communications class. At this point we were all in the auditorium so I gave up and have to admit dozed through some of it. It was all about how to give a good brief and use powerpoint etc. Again if you have ever given a military powerpoint it was very pointless. We were done for the day at 1700. and of course it was pouring rain when we finished. Due to the forecast of thunderstorms tomorrow the others are taking their PT test on Friday.

Things I learned:
-Tomorrow I get to go to Dental at 0530 since I don't have dental records. so bring your dental records with you.
-Officers records ONLY show pass/fail of PT test. So unless you are looking to go to a specialty training like airborne/air assault no one will know your score.
-I had dessert for the first time since being here and have to admit the mint chocolate chip soft serve ice cream is fantastic :)
-The roads are as bad here as Norfolk... they flood!!!!

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