Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dullest day yet

Yet another long day full of briefs. We started with a PT formation at 0515, but they just read the standards for tomorrow's PT test and we stretched.

Our first brief of the morning at 0800 was on Modern Army Combatives. If you pass your PT test you get to do combatives every Thursday and if you are really good you can sit for the level 1 certification test in December. Personally this combo of brazilian jhit-zhu/judo really has zero appeal to me.
Next was a long brief on all things you need to know about Tricare (DOD health insurance). This was very very dull for anyone that knows anything about Tricare. It was only really important for those with dependents and how to get them into DEERs and Tricare.
Next was the standard Army Suicide Prevention powerpoint. I am pretty sure I have seen it at least 3 times before.
We then broke into our Platoons and went into our classrooms. We had a lesson on the Military Decision Making Process. I think they stole the slides from ROTC, again very dull. They give you all the slides in your texts so you don't really even need to take notes.
After Chow we had another Platoon class this time on Convoy Operations. It was 98 slides long and very hard to stay awake in. It didn't help that our teacher had a monotonous voice.
Finally our last brief of the day was from a COL. Who once again told us his expectations of officers and told us again no fraternizations, DUIs etc. I think they have to remind us of this at least once a day.
Tomorrow is the PT test!!!!!!!!!! I am feeling anxious simply because of all the talk. Formation is at 0440. So I am stretching and trying to get some sleep.

Things I learned:
-I actually discovered this on Sunday but there are no Dunkin Donuts on or near Post :( I thought DD was a standard on all military instillations.
-You really need to drive to PT and classes since you don't have time to walk. However, it highly recommended to get a carpool going since parking is limited. Careful you pick people who are on time. People have been late to formation and have been blaming it on their ride. Also helps to keep your carpool to people in your Platoon since different platoons have different report times.
-I broke down at bought a Router at the PX. If you know you are going to have a roommate I suggest you bring one. It makes life a ton easier.

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