Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Seeing as this course is 9 weeks long with most weekends off they highly encourage you to drive. So I set out Sunday morning with my little sister as a traveling companion to make the 24 hour drive from Camp Lejeune, NC to San Antonio, TX. I drove 13 hours the first day and stopped in Mobile, AL for the night. What I learned was that you crossed into Central Time as soon as you enter AL. We only hit one traffic snag but it was a big one. It was in AL and there was a bad car crash that resulted in both lanes being closed until they could clear it. I sat with my car off for over an hour. I walked around a little and there was a dirt bike park right on the other side of the highway that we watched.
On Monday we drove another 12 hours into San Antonio. Louisianna is deceptively very long while Mississipi was realtively short. We saw lots of signs for Casinos in Biloxi, MS. We drove around New Oreleans but it would have been fun to stop if we had the time. LA is alot of marsh lands which meant alot of bridges. The longest one was 22 miles! I was very glad to have reached San Antonio but of course we hit traffic in the downtown area right as I got in. Nothing too bad but I just wanted out of the car!

Things I learned:
cruise control is a must!
There are plenty of hotels along the way so I was glad I didn't plan where I was going to stop and instead simply picked one when I got really tired
Most of the roads were 2 lanes with a 70mph speed limit and we still counted over 20 cars stopped for speeding along the way.
Houston is a big city and has a crazy mixing bowl highway system that I drove straight through.
GPS is a must!
Save all gas and hotel receipts for reimbursement, it got expensive.

Already though I am glad to have my car, definitely worth the drive!

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