Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thur and Friday

It was an early morning for my platoon since we had dental. Basically if you did not have records you had to get a panaramic xray. If you were going over seas you got a full exam. Those that failed the PT test started remedial PT. It was pouring rain so I heard they did tons of stairs inside the AMEDD building.
Our day was once again spent full of briefings. We had a sexual assault briefing, a breifing on how to use AKO and one on EO. After some chow we classroom learning on the Army organization.

Another early morning this time so that all of us could get the Flu Mist. It was suprisingly well run and we gave ourselves the mist. After this we got our LBEs, and patrol caps to go out for BMI-Basic Markmenship Instruction. We learned how to dissassemble and reassemble the M16, how to lay in the prone supported/unsupported and kneeling. And practiced some zeroing techniques. We go to the EST next week. After some chow we met in our platoons and did Take Charge Breifings where on the spot we had to get up in front and give a 3-5 minute beif pretending we were meeting our platoon, or ward for the first time.
Our final briefing of the day included direction from HQ saying we all had to carry hand sanitizer and of course the safety briefing for the weekend. Apparently numerous people have already gotten speeding tickets here on post.

This morning I went out to this great little section of New Brunsfield called Guerene (pronounced green) it was this great old western place and had fantastic antique shops and unique jewelry. It was only about 30 minutes away!

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