Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Checking in for real

Since today was the real first day of the course we went back to building 592 to check in. This is the same building you check in for lodging. We got there at about 0800 after eating chow in the dining hall. In the lobby was a desk with our TAC officer who is a 1LT. He had two computers that we had to put all of our basic information in, and he gave us a schedule for day #2 and a handbook for the course. Because I was added so late I did not receive the welcome letter telling me to register online. This wasn't a big deal but I had to do when I got there. It started to get pretty crowded and he told us that we are supposed to have 362 in the class. Everyone stays 9 weeks excpet for the Veterinarians who stay 14. Most of the PAs went to the school that is here on post so they have been here for months already. Everyone stays in the housing excpet for those that will be stationed at Ft. Sam they are allowed to get there own housing off post. We also got our meal tickets that allow up to eat 3 meals a day 5 days a week in the dining hall. Weekends we have to get our own food but we will be reimbursed when we get to our final duty station.

Things I learned:
-You can eat in the chow hall in civilians clothes but you will most likely be the only ones doing so.
-Report early! I went back at 1230 because my room key wasn't working and the line was 60+ deep and moving very slowly.
-Try to bring as much of the packing list as you can. Clothing and Sales is always busy and always out of things since so many courses are held here.

Tomorrow's schedule:
0415 formation in PTs
0700 chow
0800-1115 breifs
1115 chow
1230 more briefings
1630 chow

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