Thursday, October 29, 2009


Good News: We got to sleep in with our first class starting at 0830. Bad news some people got the wrong time, showed up late and now we get to have platoon formations before every hard-time.
The morning started off very slow with some very boring briefs. I can't even tell you what they were about. We had a couple student presentations, I still haven't gone. After lunch we had 2 more briefs including a 1.5hour one on hand receipts. We did get out early though at 1530. Our midterm is tomorrow and they gave us a review sheet that had exactly which slides to study. So hopefully it should go well. 70B are Medical Service Corps. They will most likely be PLs for a unit of medics.

Things I learned:
-There are no good thrift stores right outside of base. Or at least no organized ones, but it did have Polypro tops for $4
-All females have to have a well woman exam in medpros. I am not doing mine until we come back from the field since they might yell at me for ignoring the CT I had right before I came
-I gave blood yesterday and I was supposed to get out of PT tomorrow. Well somehow chain of command didn't understand that one and I still have to go.
-For the HW you can work in groups including the OP Order.

I really wish more people here understood the importance of Thursday evening viewing of Grey's Anatomy :/

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